2D/ 3D Tracking Case Study

2D Tracking Molecule Video
2D Tracking Molecule Video

Name of Project: 2D & 3D Tracking Case Study

Project Case Study | June 2022

For the 2D tracking assignment, I had to place the definition of what a molecule is over a certain spot in the video clip. The client wants the definition of what a molecule is inside of a folder/tab system. This will make it easy to read and help produce a visually pleasing clip. Additionally, a line must be included from the tracking area on the microscope to the folder. I had to use the track motion feature inside of Adobe After Effects in order to complete this. The final clip must be a total of 9 seconds long and have a resolution of 1080/ 29fps.

In addition to the 2D tracking project, I had to edit a previously created video clip to include a 3D version of my vanity branding animation inside of the clip. In a previous project, I created a vanity animation for Alyson Marie Designs, which is my graphic design portfolio website. This project required me to track the camera and motion inside of a royalty-free video clip that I obtained from the site Pexels, www.pexels.com. The entire duration of the project must be 12 seconds and it has to be exported at the regular 1080/ 29 fps standard preset.

Photo taken from 2D Tracking Video

This project was fun to complete and interesting. I was able to learn how to make animations that follow an object or person in a video clip. I successfully used the track motion feature in After Effects and created unique compositions that would attract the viewer to the text in the clip. Additionally, I used overlays that had a scientific feeling to them to increase the overall look of the final clip. I used the pen tool to mask out certain parts of the video overlay that I didn’t want the design to be included on and proceeded to animate, or keyframe the mask around the tracking area. One of the things I would have done differently is to reduce the hue of blue throughout the video. I feel as if the blue is beginning to overpower the video footage and making the body copy and text hard to read at some points.

3d AfterEffect Tracking
Screenshot of After Effects Interface
3d AfterEffect Tracking 1
Screenshot of After Effects Interface 2
2D Tracking Video

Creating a 3D version of my vanity clip inside of a previously recorded video clip seemed easy at first. However, I quickly realized that it required patience to find the right surface, angle, and blending mode for the design to come out correctly. The video clip took longer than expected to complete the tracking of the camera and motion. Once it was completed, I was able to try multiple surfaces to see how the vanity animation looked. Ultimately, I decided that putting it on the vertical wall to the right of when the camera enters the hallway and begins the walk towards the back of the building. This created a good spot for the animation to look sharp and eye-catching to the viewer as they walk by.

3D Vanity Branding Video Clip

Some of the assets used in my video clips

asset folder
Folder Animation using After Effects
Vanity Branding
Vanity Branding Animation