2022 “Dog” Movie Title Sequence

Dog Title
Dog Title

Name of Project: 2022 Movie Title Sequence -Redesign

Project Case Study | June 2022

For this project I was tasked to redesign a title sequence for a new movie released in 2022, I choose the movie Dog. This movie is about two retired army rangers, one human and one dog, that have to travel down the pacific coast to attend a funeral for the dog’s handler. This project was fun to complete because I really enjoyed watching the movie and the storyline. The project required that I include the title of the film, and at least 3 credits. Additionally, I must include some of the animation principles that I have learned in class. This will help make my title sequence interesting and fun to watch. The title sequence must be :20 seconds long and rendered at a HD resolution of 1080/ 29 fps with a fade to black transition in the beginning and end of the clip.

Screenshot of final keyframe of title animation
Classified Stamp with info about the car they drove.
2022 “Dog” Movie Sequence

I decided to go with a military/ army color scheme and use a line to represent the road trip that the two rangers were taking together. I wanted the sequences to have a “military file” feeling to it which would ultimately help make the audience know the movie theme.  I used assets such as a retired stamp and a classified one. Additionally, I included key elements to the movie such as the truck that they use to start their road trip, their starting point and final destination. Additionally, I included some information about the places they end up. I used a star that was growing in size to draw the viewer’s eye to the part of the sequence that has the credits in them. Some things I would have done differently are adding more details to the clips, reducing the weight of the black throughout the sequence, and change the visual hierarchy style so that the credits would be the main focal point and not the video clips of the dog and truck. In conclusion, I really liked this project and would love to explore further versions of it to make the final product a portfolio worthy assignment.

Elements used in my video clips

Screenshot taken from animation
Screenshot of After Effects Interface 2