YouTube Vanity Animation

A short animated clip featuring Alyson Marie Designs’ logo & some of her portfolio pieces.

Name of Project: Youtube Vanity Logo Animation

Project Case Study | March 2022

For this project, I had to create a vanity animation using my logo and some of my recent projects. I knew I wanted to create something that would stick out when added to the beginning and end of my videos and animations. I decided on using the condensed version of my logo that I use when watermarking images instead of my full logo. I decided on this because the watermark version would be able to highlight a lot more of my projects than if I was to use the rectangle. I was able to use almost every part of the square version of my logo

First, I knew I wanted the logo to be fun and upbeat. Second, I wanted to showcase at least 4 of my projects. Using the squares and dotted path located on the outside of the logo as a timer, I decided to preview some of my projects inside the circle. As the dotted path comes up to the next square, i.e., project, the square grows to give an emphasis on it being switched to a new project. The animation repeats itself three more times and has a final emphasis and bounce on all the squares on the outside of the circle before displaying the text in the logo, AM Designs, which stands for Alyson Marie Designs.

Alyson Marie Designs Logos

Alyson Marie Designs' Watermark logo- dotted square line with rectangles in each corner and the words "AM Designs' written inside a pink circle. [This logo is also used in the YouTube Vanity Video]
Alyson Marie Designs Watermark Square Logo
Horizontal Logo used in the vanity video for Alyson Marie Designs
Alyson Marie Designs Logo – Rectangle

One of the challenges I faced was finding the right music to go along with the overall idea of my animation. I came across the website Uppbeat,, which provided me with some royalty free music to use. Additionally, I knew I wanted to avoid any issues when posting any type of video file to YouTube. It is important to make sure you used an audio track that does not have any copyright licenses. YouTube will mute your video if the audio track is licensed to someone and you do not have the rights use it. I had to spend time reading the licenses associated with the tracks I downloaded from Uppbeat, after going through a handful of audio tracks I found one that I thought fit the animation and added it to the video. Finding the right music was very time consuming and hard to accomplish, as I wanted the audio to give off the happy, creative, and modern aspects of my design company and I am positive that I found the right solution for my vanity clip.

YouTube Vanity Animation

Final version of the Alyson Marie Designs’ vanity logo animation.

Overall, I am very pleased with how the vanity logo came out. This project helped finetune and improve my After Effects skills. Additionally, I was able to learn more about myself and my graphic design business. I had fun going through my recent projects and picking out the ones I considered to represent my work the best. The music I choose reflects the personality of myself and my work as a designer. It is fun, creative, modern, and energetic. This project helped teach my about using files across multiple Adobe programs, importing & exporting files using the Adobe Media Encoder, and using the wavelength feature to line up my audio with the timing of my animations. Lastly, throughout the process of creating this I was able to creatively highlight my passion for designing, showcase some recent projects, and have fun learning more about the After Effects program.