RemiTV Website Re-Design

RemiTV Website Redesign
RemiTV Website Redesign

Client Name: Remi TV

Industry: TV & Entertainment
Location: Providence, RI
Size: Small Business
RemiTV Celebrity Interviews & Talk Show

Company Bio

Remi TV is a celebrity talk show that interviews various celebrity and popular artist, actors & actresses, and influential people in the entertainment industry. As the host of Remi TV, Remi Jones is considered one of the best sources for 1-on-1 talk show interviews and up to date information relating to the industry. Remi Jones has interviewed celebrities on the red carpet and in her hometown of Providence, RI. Remi TV provides positive PR and talk show interviews to popular music artists, actors & actresses, and business owners in the entertainment industry.

RemiTV Home
RemiTV- Interviews


For this project, the client, Remi TV, was looking for a complete website redesign that is based off a mockup that was already created by another designer. Additionally, the logo had to be created, it was also based off the provided mockup given by the client. The website must contain the following pages: about, interviews, articles, blog, along with a media kit section.

It is also ideal for there to be quick access to social media profiles, newsletter sign ups, and a section that links to a donation button. Remi also requested that an assortment of advertising banners be created and strategically placed throughout the website. To help provide an easy way to update and continuously post to the website, the website will be setup using a content management system (CMS), specifically Webflow.

RemiTV Media Kit
RemiTV- Media Kit

The Challenge

Some of the challenges that I faced during this website redesign was having to create and design a site using a mockup that was provided. While this was a great help because the design was already laid out, it did limit my options of creativity.  Additionally, another major challenge was having to research and find the exact

fonts that were used throughout the mockup. The client wanted the website to be very clean and modern looking. The last challenge I faced was the standard color scheme of black and white throughout the project. This made it challenging to make buttons and other prominent call to action elements appear at the top of the hierarchy.

RemiTV Interviews 1
RemiTV- Home Page

The Approach

The approach to this website redesign was to start doing the research to find the necessary fonts that were used throughout the mockup. After being able to successfully match the font choices I was able to move on to the next stage. The second stage of this project was to start building the basic parts of the website first, such as creating a basic wireframe and rough mockup of the site, complete with using placeholder images, briefly until the website photos were sent over.

Once the wireframe was completed, I was able to start focusing on re-creating the logo and other standard elements for the site including the social media icons and different button types and adding an additional color to the project.

By adding an additional color to the site, Midnight Blue specifically, helped increase the call to actions and buttons throughout the website.

Next, I started to work on creating the main website pages such as the Home, About, Media Kit, and Contact pages. After the primary pages were set up, I was able to start to build the content management system. The CMS system will made it possible for anyone, with limited knowledge of the Webflow system, is able to post new articles, stories, and other informative and entertainment post to the website. The client, Remi Jones, requested three CMS pages for the website.

These CMS pages will be called Interviews, Articles, and a Blog page. The layout of these pages was to reflect each other. This means each other is to go the opposite way of the last. This creates a left, right, left, right system that provides easy to navigate content for the readers and viewers of the website, www. The last steps of this design was to create the recurring symbols like the advertisement banners, newsletter sign ups, and lastly the contact form.

RemiTV aboutpage
RemiTV- About Page